31 October 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 16

The Year 7 – 10 end of year examinations are being held from Monday 3rd November through to Friday 7th November. All students have received their examination timetables and should by now be preparing themselves for these exams.

17 October 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 15

World Mission Day is a privileged moment when the faithful of various continents engage in prayer and concrete gestures of solidarity in support of the young Churches in mission lands. It is a celebration of grace and joy.

19 September 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 14

This week the (Year 12) girls have finished their six years at St Joseph’s with maturity and dignity, demonstrating the characteristics of true Mackillop women.

5 September 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 13

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day; a time to recognize the many sacrifices that our fathers make to help us become who we are. It is tough at times to guide children when the messages of the media are often about consumerism.

22 August 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 12

The past few weeks have been a particularly busy time for many of our Year 12 students...Our congratulations go out to all these students on the way they have worked diligently towards achieving their best...

8 August 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 11

The announcement of the 2015 College Captains and Vice-Captains was made on Monday (4th August) at our college assembly. Our congratulations go to our Captain for 2015; Kellie-Ann G, and our Vice-Captains; Emily C and Samantha W.

25 July 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 10

Looking through our calendar for the 10 weeks of Term 3 it is clear to see that we are in for a very busy term ahead.

20 June 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 9

As we come towards the end of Term 2, I would like to offer my congratulations to the many students who have made consistent and ongoing efforts both in their studies and in their sporting and cultural endeavours over the 9 weeks.

12 June 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 8

The coming of the Holy Spirit dramatically changed the lives of early Christians. The Acts of the Apostles is filled with accounts of the early Church's remarkable spiritual impact on the surrounding society.

23 May 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 7

Of great significance to us here at St. Joseph's is the wonderful work being carried out by Sr. Theresa Morellini in the Kimberley township of Warmun. Our College has had a number of groups of Year 11 girls visit Warmun

9 May 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 6

A very warm welcome back to Term 2 to all students and their families. I hope all students had a very relaxing and enjoyable break and are ready to commit themselves to achieve their very best throughout Term 2.

7 April 2014

Joeys Journal Issue No 5

We pray for all of our families at St Joseph’s that this Easter heralds a bright and hopeful future; a time when we are at peace within our families and within our community. We also pray that peace will reign throughout the world.

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