STUMP (Short Term Urban Mission Project)

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STUMP – Short Term Urban Mission Project

A Year 10 Social Justice Immersion

Fifteen Year 10 students spent two days on a Social Justice Immersion trip in October to the inner city of Sydney with Mrs McArdle and Mrs Green. The immersion experience is called STUMP (Short Term Urban Mission Project).

STUMP is a hands-on experience of getting alongside the poor and marginalised to learn from the lost, the last and the least in our community. It is a program run for young people by the Salvation Army at their Streetlevel facility.

While we were at STUMP we had a number of talks presented to us on homelessness and mental illness.

We assisted in the community centre where we helped out in their Café, Family Store and Community Centre.

We assisted in outreach activities. We went out onto the streets to chat to people as they got their dinner at the Exodus outreach vans.

We spent quality time listening and sharing with members of the community. This provided us with amazing opportunities to connect and build relationships with people and to gather an understanding of the difficult circumstances many of them face.

Our students are to be commended for their openness to learning, their willingness to step outside their comfort zone and the energy and compassion they shared with the community in Sydney.

This was an invaluable experience that not only gave us preparation in and ways to reach out and relate to poor and marginalized people, it also gave us a real and practical way to live as disciples of Jesus reaching out those in need of care and friendship.

It is possible for interested young people to participate in a week long STUMP during the school holidays. If you are interested in knowing more go to

Fiona Green (Youth Ministry Coordinator).










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