St Joseph’s Catholic College Celebrates International Women’s Day

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St Joseph’s Catholic College Celebrates International Women’s Day

St Joseph's Catholic College is a community that believes we are privileged members of a beautiful country, it is important to give back to those who haven't been so lucky in the lottery that is life. We feel very strongly that it is essential we educate ourselves, advocate for and take action against the injustices that women and girls face all over the world every day. In order to do this we ran several initiatives from the 2nd to the 6th of March, in the lead up to International Women's Day on the 8th of March 2015. This included a cake stall, barbecue, craft stall, collecting and donating care supplies (eg. underwear and toiletries) to local women’s and girl’s refuges and finally a whole-school artwork. The artwork is featured in the photo here. We have encouraged students and teachers to share this image on social media to spread our message.

Through our efforts over the week leading up to International Women’s Day we wanted to demonstrate that as a group of 850 teenage girls, one doesn’t need to be anything other than ordinary to make a difference in this world, and when we all work together, the results are extraordinary.

Hannah Year 11

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