College Community

The current college house system, comprising six house groups began in 2012 as a result of further articulating the college CELL framework which aims to strengthen the schools Josephite heritage, enhance the connection of students across and within year groups and encourage greater student and staff engagement in school events and activities.

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College Uniform

Years 7 to 10 uniform
  • Check skirt (the hem is to be no shorter than 5cm from the middle of knee when standing)
  • Blue blouse with check piping on the sleeve and collar (sleeves always rolled down)
  • White plain short socks – sports/ankle socks not permitted
  • 70 denier black stockings/tights are compulsory in Terms 2 and 3
  • Black lace-up leather shoes with a distinct heel (soft black slip-on or black lace-up shoes are not permitted as they do not support arches)
  • College jumper, cardigan or vest
  • College blazer is to be worn to and from school every day in Terms 2 and 3
  • Plain black scarf may be worn in winter
  • Plain black gloves may be worn in winter, fingerless gloves are not permitted
  • College back pack is a compulsory part of the uniform
Years 7 to 10 sports uniform
  • Top:  A cerise school sports shirt; college jersey, tracksuit jacket or school jumper in winter
  • Bottom:  School sports shorts – sports skirt is not longer part of the sports uniform
  • Joggers:  Lace-up joggers with arch support and suitable for vigorous physical activity.  Canvas shoes are unsuitable.  (For further details refer to the link at the bottom of this page)
  • Socks:  White plain short socks – sports/ankle socks are not permitted
  • Tracksuit:  School tracksuit pants are optional; other tracksuit pants are not acceptable
  • Ribbon:  Pink or royal blue
Years 11 and 12 uniform

The senior uniform and presentation requirements are the same as for Years 7 – 10 except for the blouse. Year 11 and 12 students wear a white tailored blouse with piping on sleeves that are always rolled down.  Year 12 students may wear the college jacket in Terms 2 and 3.  Students are to use the college back pack or senior satchel bag.

Hair, makeup and jewellery
  • Shoulder length or longer hair must be securely tied back at all times
  • Unnaturally coloured hair is not acceptable
  • White, navy, teal or black hair ribbon, scrunchie, narrow plain black headband
  • Short, manicured acrylic nails are acceptable; regular salon length acrylic nails will need to be trimmed; painted nails in fashion colours are not acceptable with the college uniform
  • Light discreet makeup is acceptable; fashion/evening styles and colours are not
  • Two pairs of earrings (small studs or sleepers) are permitted; spacer piercings are not acceptable
  • Small pin-point nose stud is acceptable; nose rings and other facial piercings are not acceptable
  • One fine gold/silver chain with a cross or religious medal is acceptable.
  • A plain gold/silver ring is an acceptable item of jewellery. Bangles, bracelets and costume jewellery are not acceptable

Uniform Shop

Due to COVID-19, the college uniform shop is currently closed on site. Enquiries to the uniform shop can be directed via the link below to their website.

College Uniform Policy

Uniform Shop Website

Uniform Price List

Requirements for Terms 1 and 4 (summer terms)
Blouse – junior (blue) 6-28
Blouse – senior (white) 8-28
Skirt All sizes
Sport shorts 6-24
Track top 10-22
Track pant 10-24
College house T-shirt
School bag
House Swimming Cap
Requirements for Terms 2 and 3 (winter terms)
College Blazer 8-28
Pullover – teal 8-24
Optional Items
Vest – teal 8-24
Cardigan – teal 10-18
Stockings (microfibre) XS, S, M, T, XT
White ankle socks
Swimming Costume
PE hat
PE bag